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Mac OS X Some detailed benchmarks of Snow Leopard. "The performance improvements we encountered in Mac OS X 10.6 through our benchmarks we were quite astonishing. Thanks to the introduction of the Grand Central Dispatch, 64-bit migration, OpenCL support, and other refinements made "under the hood" of Snow Leopard, this is one hell of a fast operating system. We were quite appalled with multiple tests exhibiting nearly 50% performance boosts over Mac OS X 10.5.8. While that was an extreme improvement, many other tests ran 10~16% faster. In a few tests, the performance was the same or the delta was statistically insignificant, but in a couple tests, there were regressions."
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Ars Technica
by henrikmk on Mon 31st Aug 2009 08:16 UTC
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Ars Technica used to run a ridiculously long and deep article series on MacOSX under the hood just before the release of a new MacOSX version. I loved to read those.

Where is the one for Snow Leopard?

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