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Internet & Networking While browsing the ever-wider world web today, I came across a story about IBM's patent of a sort of "Facebook Remote Control." It was appalling. Do we seriously need more single-purpose devices that will enable us to sit around more wasting more time than we already do? Does anyone really need to seclude themselves from the world even more to publish their lives on yet another teen-infested network? Must we really always be connected to the net? Read on for my ramble concerning a dark side of technology.
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Have we ever really done differently? Most people just fill up their lives with whatever mundane, nearly meaningless tasks they can, be it work or for play. If we didn't have TV or Internet, we'd just sit around at general stores, talking about the weather or what Farmer Joe did last week.

We aren't really designed to be working at maximum mental capacity for long periods of time. If you choose to spend a lot of time working hard, good for you. That's not a natural condition, though.

Everything is linked to everything else - the society, the politics, the economy - everything is linked to that brain killing attitude to life; avoid work, thinking, introspection, self analysis and original thought at all cost. Be a good little consumer sheep, keep running on the treadmill of earning money, purchasing crap that advertisers claim will 'change your life' then at the ripe old age or 80, you can look around at your house filled to the rafters with crap and have a smile on your face knowing you bought everything you 'had to buy'.

I don't know about you but when I'm on my death bed, I want to be able to look back on my life and see that I've developed as a person from position of ignorance into person who never lost a love for learning and developing and had an impact on family and friend.

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