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Fedora Core The next version of Fedora, Fedora 12, will integrate a Moblin Desktop Environment. It can be easily "groupinstalled" via the yum package manager. The environment has already been added to the Constantine alpha release of Fedora 12 and to Fedora's "Rawhide" development branch. They're seeking testers to "make it great" for the final release of Fedora 12, which will be released in early November.
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RE[2]: Fedora + Moblin
by akaas on Tue 1st Sep 2009 08:23 UTC in reply to "RE: Fedora + Moblin"
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It is also the distro that pushes often questionable solutions to the throats of other distros.

The *Kit-foo are the latest example.

Isn't it a GNOME community that decide to use *Kit technologies? Does some distros have problems with *Kit stuff? Have the distros raised their voices on GNOME devel mailing list about the issues?

I am a happy Fedora user, but I remain critical for many reasons. One example of my critique focuses on too rapid release cycles and bleeding-edge solutions

Fedora is a bit different than other 98% of other distros because Fedora developes new techinologies. Of course there are rough edges but without providing the latest technologies they are not going anywhere.

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