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Internet & Networking Another instalment of Ask OSNews. A reader sent us in a question about browser security and privacy. "Could you please advise me and your readers on what you consider to be the safest web browser? I am considering the term 'safe' from both a privacy and security stand point."
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RE: Firefox and Internet privacy
by Darkelve on Tue 1st Sep 2009 09:18 UTC in reply to "Firefox and Internet privacy"
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It's true that NoScript requires some management... and that bothered me too at first. But you can have Noscript remember your choices for sites you decide to trust and after a while you only have to do it for websites you visit infrequently. You get used to it after a while. At least I did.

If you are really 'paranoid', I guess that the safest browser would be one that does not do any scripts, images or cookies. Something like lynx/links or w3m on Linux/BSD.

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