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Internet & Networking While browsing the ever-wider world web today, I came across a story about IBM's patent of a sort of "Facebook Remote Control." It was appalling. Do we seriously need more single-purpose devices that will enable us to sit around more wasting more time than we already do? Does anyone really need to seclude themselves from the world even more to publish their lives on yet another teen-infested network? Must we really always be connected to the net? Read on for my ramble concerning a dark side of technology.
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by weildish on Tue 1st Sep 2009 18:03 UTC in reply to "Very Nice Article"
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I could buy you a pin that says "Has a Head on His Shoulders."

I am the author in question (I always have to explain this-- my comment name is different than my posting name). Consider this more a clarifying amendment to the article rather than a comment, I suppose:

I've read some of the comments, and people seem to think I'm avidly against technology. Not true. I embrace it. You might consider me an addict to some of it. Why else would I be at OSNews? I utilize Facebook myself ("Hypocrite!" a handful of you are now dying to comment. Hold your horses before trying to pick out any little loophole I missed, please). This article is not to say that all technology is bad. In fact, most of it I think is progress and can help people in general.

I specifically mentioned that I believe that it's usually not technology that causes the issues-- it's the way people decide to use the technology that is provided. I also specifically pointed out that I don't think all technology is bad. But perhaps I ought to clarify seeing as how most of my article would make one think that I hate technology: technology is amazing. It helps lives, whether we're "just like everyone else" or whether we are literally incapable of some things (such as the handicapped girl mentioned in a previous comment). It saves lives, it helps lives, and it helps communities and businesses and all other sorts of organizations. It's truly amazing. However, the main point of this article was not to praise technology's many pluses but to say that there can be too much of anything, even if it's a good thing, and technology seems a chief problem of having too much in the 21st century. There can be too much time spent with technology, there can be too much money spent on it, there can be too much entertainment, and yes, there can be too much work. That's what I'm trying to say.

I'm not against entertainment, I'm not against using technology for fun (I used to play video games a lot when I was younger, and I still use technology to have "fun" quite a bit even still). I use Facebook often to communicate with my friends and colleagues and also to advertise for a website I'm launching. I use email a great deal of the day. I'm connected to the net probably 50-80% of the time I'm not asleep depending on the day. There are times when I find myself wasting my time and energy on pointless things to do with technology, too. It's a problem with most people today, and it affects me, too. Please stop taking what I say to extremes. But asking that in a comment thread at a website where a bunch of nerds such as myself conglomerate is like asking water to not go through the holes in a strainer. Alas.

Well, there you have it. Clarification that wouldn't be needed if the reader wouldn't take my opinion on one matter and blow it up in his or her mind to have it apply to everything. Again, this is only a view on how technology can be abused, not how great it is (and it's really great-- I love it; I just hate how it can ruin and degrade lives, also). Now I will take the advice of a vehement commenter before me and stop prophesying. Enjoy picking the loopholes that you do out of this as well.

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