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RISC OS "US-based company Genesi, which builds ARM Cortex-powered appliances that could be compatible with the RISC OS Open Beagleboard work, is said to be in talks with RISC OS companies over a possible port of the OS to its products. It's hoped ROS 5 could be made to run on the lightweight EFIKA MX Open Client, which sports a 800MHz Cortex-A8 processor, 3D graphics hardware, 512M RAM, wifi networking and more. Genesi analyst Matt Sealey said: 'RISC OS is really popular in the UK and the last dedicated RISC OS box - the Iyonix - has been discontinued for six months. We are currently questioning the relevant companies in the UK, including [ROS 5 owners] Castle, about collaboration and marketing efforts, and the support they'd need to make it a reality.'"
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Hmmm. Some 10 years ago I knew someone with a RiscPC, not quite sure of the model but I think it had a StrongARM CPU. As I remember it, the thing would indeed boot in a few seconds. I must admit that I never worked closely enough with the machine to remember if it would continue to load stuff in the background (like Windows does since XP). But I am quite sure it was *usable* after only a second of 3 to 5.

Another thing I clearly remember is that the owner would often just reboot instead of closing all his open applications. It was faster and less hassle than closing all apps manually ;)

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