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Opera Software After a long gestation period, Opera has released version 10 of their browser, which comes packed with a whole lot of improvements and new features. It's got a completely new interface, a turbo mode for those days of bandwith drought, automatic updates (finally!), and lots more.
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by JeffS on Wed 2nd Sep 2009 14:13 UTC
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To those complaining that Opera is "a pain in the ass to use", or it has a bloated UI ....


I find Opera extremely easy to use, and I find the UI very attractive, modern, comfortable, functional, easy to use, and for as many features Opera has built in, very well integrated and intuitive.

I'm also impressed with rendering speed, and the speed of start up - comparable to Chrome, but with a much better UI and many more features.

I'm also really enjoying the "Widgets" feature - I'm currently using a little calendar widget that is fitting my needs perfectly.

As a long time Firefox user, I'm getting more and more impressed with other alternatives. Firefox is still too slow starting up, and it's rendering speed hasn't improved as much as Chrome, Safari, and now Opera. I'm also really really liking the new UI of Opera.

I have to say that Opera has done a great job.

I'm impressed that they have maintained a profitable business model with just having a browser (a crowded market that most people can get for free) - I guess they get some Google ad revenue from built in searches (a la Firefox), and they actually sell the mobile version to phone/PDA OEMs.

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