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GNU, GPL, Open Source David Chisnall casts a critical eye over the GNU General Public License and asks whether it's done more harm than good for the Free Software movement. "Looking back, has the GPL been a help, or a hindrance? And will it continue to be a help or hindrance in the future?"
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Both licenses have a place, I think

Definitvely, but I dislike how a bunch of loonies members of the FSF condemn anyone who makes a different choise.

And I dislike how a bunch of permissive licence advocates continually whine about the FSF at every juncture. Sure, the FSF would rather you use copyleft licences, but they do acknowledge the Free Software nature of permissive licences.

Meanwhile, with the seemingly endless stream of articles these days featuring ill-informed commentary about the GPL, accompanied by people who take every opportunity to make narrow-minded jibes about "fundamentalists", "religion" and (your words) "loonies", one has to wonder who is part of a religion, exactly.

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