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Legal Apple has responded to Psystar's new lawsuit today, stating that it is nothing but a stall tactic on Psystar's end. While I could just paraphrase whatever the filing reads, I decided to take this opportunity to address a number of sentiments and analogies often made in comment threads (not necessarily on OSNews).
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Remember The 90s!
by fraterf93 on Wed 2nd Sep 2009 20:42 UTC
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I think many of you people who are on the side of Psystar are forgetting two things.

One is the reason why nearly all software is licensed, and not sold. Back in the day, all you had to do was make a copy of a floppy, and pass it on to a friend. Said friend naturally will not give money to the people who made the software because they already have the software. Software companies realizing that people feel they have a sense of ownership of the physical medium they have payed for, and the laws stating that a person has the right to sell, give away, or use any physical property as they see fit decided not to sell a physical medium, but instead license software for use by the consumer.

The other thing is the fact that back in the 90s Apple did in fact allow other computer manufacturers to sell computers with Mac OS installed. This almost singlehandedly destroyed Apple. People were buying clones and not Macs. The money gained from allowing other computer vendors to sell computers with Mac OS did not make up for the money lost on every sale of Mac hardware.

Even now with Mac market share around 10% allowing other companies to sell computers with Mac OS WILL hurt Apple's hardware sales. Especially if Dell, or HP for example started to sell machines with Mac OS.

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