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Legal Apple has responded to Psystar's new lawsuit today, stating that it is nothing but a stall tactic on Psystar's end. While I could just paraphrase whatever the filing reads, I decided to take this opportunity to address a number of sentiments and analogies often made in comment threads (not necessarily on OSNews).
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Personally, I'm already disinclined to feel much sympathy for Apple in this matter...

Seriously, you cannot feel sympathy for them? Even though if we distill the issue it will sound like this - an entity (I'm not using company or corporation, because everyone's reaction these days seems to automatically be - companies are big and rich and therefor evil) invests money, quite a lot of it, I'd assume, given the level of talent that works there, into the development of a piece of software, for the sole reason of having something to differentiate them from their competition; and the product of said investment is taken by said competition and used to sell stuff, under the pretense that the terms of the license don't apply to them or that the license is bullshit.

Would you feel so little sympathy if the places of the "underdog" and the evil corporation were reversed?

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