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GNU, GPL, Open Source David Chisnall casts a critical eye over the GNU General Public License and asks whether it's done more harm than good for the Free Software movement. "Looking back, has the GPL been a help, or a hindrance? And will it continue to be a help or hindrance in the future?"
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GPL inequality
by aldeck on Thu 3rd Sep 2009 00:24 UTC
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The GPL is one of the greatest inventions in the software world, but it is unequal by nature.

As the article author notes, it only applies to redistributing software, so that only businesses of a certain kind can make money with it. This is an inequality, and contrarily to what most of the comments here say, it seems to me that it is more the big corporations that are profiting of the GPL than the independent/small developers (and users). This inequality might also bend the focus (money) towards big industrial computing needs instead of home computing, as this is where you can make indirect money out of it.

Sell indirect services or hardware, and you can do what you want with GPL. Make a living directly out of software, it's another story. Something's wrong.

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