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Hardware, Embedded Systems Not too long ago the news got out that mobile phone company Nokia was about to enter the netbook market with its Booklet 3G. Specifications were unavailable then, but today at Nokia World '09 the company announced all the details around this slick netbook.
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Crazy Pricing & Too Limited.
by Pelly on Thu 3rd Sep 2009 01:09 UTC
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The Euro price puts this device at over $800 USD without a carrier subsidy.

Even with a subsidy/markdown from a major carrier, I can't imagine any of them going more than $200.

- Good - A data capable devoce with very nice specs.
- Bad - 1GB Soldered RAM with no slot to add more.
- Good - Windows 7 (tailored) is a plus. Maybe.

How will 1GB of RAM run Windows 7, even tailored, with efficiency over time with patches & hot fixes?

It seems to me that Nokia, while well intentioned, missed the mark with this one.

Even with a subsidized price from a major carrier, anyone looking for a Netbook will quickly see that an Eee PC or Acer Aspire One will have greater expandability and a larger Hard Drive (160G instead of Nokia having a 120G) with an approx $300 USD sticker price; not over $800.

No thanks.

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