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Opera Software After a long gestation period, Opera has released version 10 of their browser, which comes packed with a whole lot of improvements and new features. It's got a completely new interface, a turbo mode for those days of bandwith drought, automatic updates (finally!), and lots more.
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It's called the Wand, Opera has had that since version 7 (that I'm aware of) so what, 2003? Pretty much before Firefox was even a twinkle in a FLOSS fanboy's eye.

The wand is a piece of trash compared to FF and even Chrome's auto-complete and form history functionality. The only the Wand is good for is auto-completing login and passwords, nothing else.

Because Opera had more than enough normal mouse gestures, had them first, and sees no reason to waste time implementing it for the 0.000001% of systems that might actually support that?

Do you have any data to backup that "0.000001% of systems" claim of yours? All notebooks/laptops shipped by Apple since last year have this capability. If Opera is going to do a sloppy job of supporting OSX, they might as well not develop for it all.

I see people pissing on ALL the browsers all the time - From vague meaningless 'dislike' for Opera's appearance (which honestly doesn't look all that different than FF or IE to me - and if you don't like it, change it), to IE's being absurdly insecure and lack of standards compliance, to Firefox being a buggy bloated mess, to webkit pushing the envelope so hard on the renderer it's like nobody is bothering to concentrate on the user interface which has all the functionality of IE 3.0 (and no, that's not a compliment)

Your comment here reeks of utter fanboyism. You are (like any other anti-FF fanboy) a good example of pissing on FF, when the browser you defend is not as extensible and standards compliant. Also Opera has a raft of stupendous functionality rolled in, but little to no extensibility for features that people really find useful. Speed dial? Ever heard of bookmarks? Yeah it does the same thing. That says a lot about its small user-base doesn't it? I'll rather take ABP and DTA with FF over Opera's raft of worthless functionality any day. If you think Opera is more stabler than FF, then you are yet to use most of its functionality. FYI FF does a better job supporting proxy servers than Opera ever has. How about that for basic functionality?

Not out of box it isn't. It's probably one of the most incomplete out of box from the buggy next to useless download manager (which seems to be the leading cause of lockups when I do use it) - hell, even IE does more out of box.

Need only the basic functionality, then use it as is. Need more functionality, choose from a raft of quality extensions. I've never had any issues with the built-in download manager, not sure what you are doing wrong. What does IE do more out of the box? Just saying so is pretty, you know, meaningless. If you think that Opera is without bugs, try using it with a HTTP 1.1 compliant proxy through auto-proxy configuration, you might change your mind instantly.

No more extensible than IE. Yes, you heard me right!!! There is ZERO difference from a functionality standpoint between what activeX controls are able to do on IE and what extensions can do in FF. The difference is the approval and installation process for them.

You mean, you can install themes into IE to completely change its UI into anything you want? It is that extensible!? Please do share, I am dying to know this info. If you could also direct me to mere ActiveX controls that could do that for IE, that would do great too.

Not to actually defend IE, but the rabid fanboyism with people making wild claims about Firefox's 'unique' or 'superior' capabilities that have NOTHING to do with fact gets a wee bit annoying after a while. It's the media darling, that doesn't necessarily make it any damned good.

Try replacing 'Firefox' in this comment of yours with Opera. By the way, the media loves it because it is actually that damned good. Just ask any webmaster!


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