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Legal Apple has responded to Psystar's new lawsuit today, stating that it is nothing but a stall tactic on Psystar's end. While I could just paraphrase whatever the filing reads, I decided to take this opportunity to address a number of sentiments and analogies often made in comment threads (not necessarily on OSNews).
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Software is like Art
by n0b0dy on Thu 3rd Sep 2009 07:48 UTC
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If I get a copy (poster) of some piece of art, once I have it, even though it's not the 'original' and merely a copy, I can hang it anywhere I want, modify it anyway I want or use it to create something new. As long as iIt's for my personal use and it's inside my house, the artist or the holder of the copyrights can go and ______ (fill the blanks).

Software should be the exact same.

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