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Legal Apple has responded to Psystar's new lawsuit today, stating that it is nothing but a stall tactic on Psystar's end. While I could just paraphrase whatever the filing reads, I decided to take this opportunity to address a number of sentiments and analogies often made in comment threads (not necessarily on OSNews).
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RE[3]: Thom debunks myths
by bfr99 on Thu 3rd Sep 2009 13:29 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Thom debunks myths"
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It is certainly debatable whether Psystar itself is violating Apples's EULA en mass as you put it. It is also debatable whether specific provisions of the EULA are even enforceable. Before you make predictions as to what a court of law might do it is instructive to read what the courts have actually ruled in similar cases. In particular you should read the Supreme Court ruling in DATA GENERAL CORP. v. DIGIDYNE CORP., 473 U.S. 908 (1985).

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