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Gnome Have you ever been bitten by accidentally loading multiple instances of the same application in GNOME? When you click on the launcher of an already-running application in GNOME, it will load up another instance of the same application, instead of switching to the already running one. This can lead to bugs and other unforeseen behaviour, which of course isn't desirable. In GNOME 3, this issue has been resolved.
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Comment by pashar
by pashar on Thu 3rd Sep 2009 15:06 UTC
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I think it should work in exactly opposite way. If launching multiple instances of an application may cause harm, then it is a bug in the application and its devs should either fix it, or prevent multiple launches. For example, Firefox works this way: by default, launching another browser just opens new window in the already running process, and if you specify command line option forcing it to open a new process, then you must also specify different profile, as firefox will refuse to run second instance with same profile.

Detecting running instance is quite easy, so it won't put too much burden on the developers, but a easy to use framework implemented as part of GNOME would make it even better.

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