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Oracle and SUN While the US Department of Justice has already given the green light to Sun's purchase by Oracle, the European Commission is a little more weary about possible antitrust issues. Neelie Kroes, EU commissioner for competition, is especially worried about the future of Sun's open source endeavours, specifically MySQL.
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Interesting case
by walec51 on Thu 3rd Sep 2009 20:52 UTC
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This is a really interesting case in the open source world. MySQL's founder company MySQL AB was a pure winner in the business world. It was worth about $ 10 mln in 2004, $ 60 mln in 2006 and acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2008 for approximately $ 1 billion. The story:

I think now is the time to test the project it self. How really open source was it. As we all know open source isn't just about releasing the sources on the GPL license. It's also about the community driven development. The MySQL project seemed to have a more 'in-house development, community feedback' organizational structure with most of the development done by the developers hired by MySQL AB. That's why I wonder if the community that helped those developers and the core teammates still with the project are strong enough to pool a decent fork together or to keep the original project running with less founds from Oracle.

A guest time will tell.

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