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Graphics, User Interfaces You probably missed this earth-shattering news, but Ikea IKEA, the Swedish furniture and other assorted home decoration products company, has switched fonts. The company always used the Futura font for its catalogues, but the latest edition has ditched it in favour of Verdana. This has caused quite the stir among typography geeks.
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by Soulbender on Fri 4th Sep 2009 06:01 UTC
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Talk about storm in a teacup. A lot of "experts" talking about things no one really gives a shit about. How about asking the common man if they even noticed or cared?
Now, I can see that there's a difference but unless someone had actualyl pointed this out to me I most likely wouldn't have cared. No one is gong to go "Hey Honey, look what IKEA did! They changed the font! We better not buy any BILLY this year". Seriously, that's not how it works.

but also credibility and the reputation that the company has built since the 1940s."

Why don't you go out and ask a regular Svensson about that eh? You know, someone who isn't a typography geek and who actually shop at IKEA. People shop at IKEA because it's affordable and stylish (for the price), not because they use(d) the Futura font.

"But if a company like Ikea can make this mistake, you have to wonder who is going to lead when it comes to design."

What mistake? Is the font unreadable? Is it horribly ugly and will make your eyes bleed? (hint: no)
This may come as a surprise to mr Ursache but it's not the same people who make the catalogue and design the products.

As of Aug. 27, Ursache's petition had garnered over 700 signatures.

Oh boy, out of all the millions of people who shop at IKEA 700 cared. Comparing this to New Coke is also silly. New Coke actually changed the product while all IKEA has done is change the font in their catalogue and not changed their actual products at all.

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