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Legal And the Apple vs. Psystar case continues to roll onwards. A lot of mud is going back and forth between the two companies: Apple has accused Psystar of making information public which was under a protective order, and obviously, Psystar denied. In addition, Groklaw's Pamela Jones continues to suspect that this Psystar case is related to the SCO case, and is part of a concentrated effort to destroy the GPL. Update: I've just been emailed (on behalf of Psystar's lawyers, actually) the outcome (in the form of a court order) of the hearing held this morning. Sadly, it's very late here, so I won't be able to analyse it properly until tomorrow.
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My doubts
by Buck on Sat 5th Sep 2009 06:12 UTC
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I seriously doubt that Apple will let clone makers just get away with it, EULAs or not. They're just going to change some agreement conditions, or employ some insane OS protection but it's not likely we have a booming clone market ahead of us. It's Apple, technically they can do whatever they want, including installing some very custom protection module into Macs. Heck, Sony could manage it sucessfully so far with the PS.

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