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Legal Microsoft has been granted a stay of a landmark injunction in a patent infringement case that would have required the software giant to stop selling its popular Word in its current form by next month. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Thursday granted Microsoft's motion for a stay, pending appeal, of an injunction issued in August by a federal judge that bars sales of Word that include a custom XML code found to infringe on patents held by i4i - the plaintiff.
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RE[4]: Hardly Unexpected
by JAlexoid on Sat 5th Sep 2009 14:50 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Hardly Unexpected"
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Couldn't have put it better myself, that's certainly how it works here in the states anyway. It might as well be written in stone: Let it be known that those who have the most money, and therefore the most lawyers, will always win since our laws are so full of holes. The only way to correct this situation would be to make the laws so simple everyone can understand them and thus put an end to this business of lawyers BSing around, and to severely punish anyone found taking bribes or otherwise showing favor to one company over the other based upon monetary results. Not going to happen though, not as long as the rich rule since, you know, they have the power to overrule the majority when it suits them.

What you are basically saying, is that you should make the Common Legal system available to the commoner as it was originally designed.
Or look into the Civil legal system.
But American conservatism would not let any option pass.

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