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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu running on the Kindle 2? Done. "What you see there is a Kindle 2 with the Ubuntu 9.04 port to ARM running in a chrooted environment. On the screen you see xdaliclock in front of an xterm with the remains of a top command and a few mildly embarrassing typos."
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RE: Ubuntu on Kindle ... ?
by gfolkert on Sun 6th Sep 2009 18:12 UTC in reply to "Ubuntu on Kindle ... ?"
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Nice one, although NetBSD is *far* more suited for this kind of box. I don't understand why popularity wins over quality, stability and extreme portability, but well ...

If you can explain Linux vs *BSDs (OSX in there) or Beta vs VHS or WordPerfect vs Word or *ANY* of the arguably better/best solution vs the "good enough" solution, you will probably make $OMG_AMT of money for that.

"good enough" always wins, its because Hoo-Mahns are lazy and don't want to have to learn *all* of it or change to something else.

That is why technically better *ANYTHING* typically doesn't matter and only what sells does.

I'll agree with you, its *VERY* frustrating. While there are people that WANT to do everything right, they will never be successful in business or life.

Hint: I've been "escorted" out of jobs over "best solutions" vs "good enough solutions" and sticking to my guns for the best solution. So that pretty much tells you what you need to know about me.

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