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This is a filler show dedicated to discussing OSnews itself. We discuss the dreaded moderation system, user participation (that's you, you wonderful people!), what goes on behind the scenes and plans for the future of the site.

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Image if you would, that iTunes is just a vehicle. Bring with it rich content that you can harvest tone of content to little or no price to multiple apple-approved playback platforms: Windows iTunes, Mac OS iTunes and Apple mobile devices. iTunes is a tool for enabling users to have said content and enabling the user to see or hear anything on what ever device that apple has blessed for them to use.

Sure I hate DRM, but unfortunately its not like you can boycott the shit. You want to own a stylish iPod or iPhone, sorry jack you have to use iTunes to xfer the content; but hey its not that bad we give you the ability to get free shit, and rip your own cds!

Is that so bad? well I for one agree that iTunes used to suck, like back in the day when it was just for the iPod and Mac. Not so much anymore, iTunes like I explained is a pretty function delivery mechanism for free (as in price) content as well as your own CD rips. While it fails as a player, it makes up in its ability to deliver content to multiple devices.

Winamp on the other hand... I wont even talk about that...

Dr. D

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