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Hardware, Embedded Systems "You know, it's been nearly forty years since Intel introduced the first microprocessor, and even at this late date the company comprises a whopping eighty percent of the global market for CPUs. But not so fast! Like an electronics industry remake of The Magnificent Seven (which is, of course, an American remake of The Seven Samurai) NEC and Renesas have teamed up with a stalwart band of companies, including Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Panasonic, and Canon, to develop a new CPU that is compatible with Waseda University professor Hironori Kasahara's "innovative energy-saving software." The goal is to create a commercial processor that runs on solar cells, moderates power use according to the amount of data being processed (a current prototype runs on 30% the power of a standard CPU), remains on even when mains power is cut, and, of course, upsets the apple cart over at Intel."
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RE[3]: Desktop OS
by Ithamar on Mon 7th Sep 2009 22:46 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Desktop OS"
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If you're not seeing Intel's initial battles to get into ARM's market, and the other way around, you should try taking a closer look.

Yes, the current offerings from intel focus on stuff like Netbooks, but look at Nokia's new device, even Netbooks are still evolving.

ARM is trying to get into the Netbook market too, so yes, ARM and Intel trying to get in each others markets...

Mobile, wether your phone or your Netbook, is clearly the focus of most major silicon vendors atm.... wether it pans out to be "the next hot thing" might not be clear, but the battle has clearly started.....

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