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Debian and its clones Developer Frans Pop, author of debtree, posted an article showing the evolution in size of the GNOME desktop environment in recent Debian releases. The picture he paints isn't particularly pretty: the default GNOME install has increased drastically in size over the years.
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RE: Get off my lawn!
by marcp on Mon 7th Sep 2009 23:45 UTC in reply to "Get off my lawn!"
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If you read his post he sounds like an old fuddy duddy user who doesn't want his linux install to actually recognize has hardware when he plugs it in, or his desktop to look nice. He should be using TWM and motif and shut the f--k up.

Uhm ... okay, but most of the recent tools started to DEPEND on the useless, utter crap like HAL and UDEV and you can't really do much about it UNLESS you compile your own kernel. Is that fair? no. Is that against KISS philosophy? well, surely!

I actually want my desktop to do something. I don]t want it to be a whole bunch of disparate applications like it used to be in 1998. I want my desktop to look nice. It seems to be a general consensus among desktop users if current trends are any indication. I'm not defending Gnome growing in size if and only if there wasn't any functionality added, but that is not the case.

Well, there are few types of users and I'm certainly not like you. I for example don't want the desktop to get in my way ... and I hate automation. BTW - that's why I don't use Windows or Mac ... ;)

That' not to say that Gnome and Kde couldn't use more optimization and a better grasp of dependencies.

It's not about a code optimization when the desktop env loads a @#%@load of never-to-be-used crap ...

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