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Graphics, User Interfaces Last week, Culf of Mac published an article showing off some of Snow Leopard's beautiful 512x512 icons, revealing some interesting tidbits about them you could only see when the icons are fully maximised. In this article, I compare some of Snow Leopard's icons to those of Windows 7, and you'll see while both operating systems have beautiful icons, there are some key differences between the styles of these icons. Note that this article contains some large images, so if you're on dial-up, you've been warned.
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RE[3]: Give me functional
by kaiwai on Tue 8th Sep 2009 00:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Give me functional"
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Ascetics is more than just beauty, it is also about functionality and purveying a certain message which affect peoples productivity...

There is no way in hell icons need to be a megabyte a piece in order to purvey whatever subtle message you think people can't get their work done without.

And your gate for boarding is 12C.

If an icon is a megabyte in size then that would sit in the realm of the user experience which is part of the GUI experience; if the GUI effects the performance then it effects ones productivity and the usefulness of the tool.

It confuses me though that we're sitting at 2009 and neither Apple nor Microsoft have moved to SVG icons - something that was in use on SGI IRIX Indigo desktop almost a decade ago. There is no reason why the icons for the bundled command controls on both Windows and Mac OS X can't be replaced with SVG versions with no impact on compatibility since all the handling is sorted out behind the scenes and not the third party applications themselves.

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