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Microsoft As part of its monthly patching cycle, Microsoft shipped three security bulletins, all rated critical, including patches for a bug in the JView Profiler (Javaprxy.dll) that was being exploited via the IE browser.
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Microsoft Patches Flaws Haunting IE
by aaronb on Wed 13th Jul 2005 20:08 UTC
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We should step back a little.

IE has been criticized a lot and patches to Fix the issues are coming out on a regular basis. This is good. Hopefully Microsoft will get even better and also add things like tabs and complies W3C standards. (This is not flame at all, RSS and Tabs are in Longlorn I think)

Firefox has not had so much history. I don't think it was based on Netscape 4. It has done well and is now having every error, bug and feature questioned like IE.

In my eye this makes both IE and Firefox better. The more we report the bugs the less time we have to live with them.

Microsoft office on Windows 98 was a pain for me so I switched to Staroffice and then open office. But the new open document format looks good if the schema is open as well.

The one thing I would like to see more is competion as it stops either side form going to sleep for too long.

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