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Games "Manomio's Commodore 64 emulator has finally been approved by Apple. We first reported on the project back in June, after Manomio had received their first rejection from Apple. The rejection was particularly disappointing considering the efforts that Manomio had made in making sure their emulator fully licensed and legal." Update by Kroc: The app has been pulled, after Apple caught wind of the much publicised trick to enable BASIC in the emulator. Tsk, tsk; if you're going to put in easter eggs, the point is to keep them a secret, umm'kay.
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Being upset about apps getting pulled or not accepted for unspecified reasons or reasons that are made up on the spot is understandable. The restriction in question, however, has been clearly stated in the iTunes app store terms of use since day one. You cannot complain about being rejected or pulled because of it. The developer knew about it (or should have known) and if it was an issue for them they could have not developed for the iPhone. Apple did their best to help them around that restriction and in gratitude the developer tried to be a smart ass.

Sure, Apple are teh evilnesses!

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