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Legal Late last week, we discussed the Apple vs. Psystar case (again), and in that article several points were raised which would be handled during a hearing Friday morning. Right after publishing said article, the law firm working for Psystar sent a general email to members of the press (including Groklaw and OSNews, among others) which contained the court order which resulted from this hearing. So to finalise these issues, let's walk through them so we can put the lid on this case for a while.
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RE[5]: Comment by JayDee
by DrDankenstein on Tue 8th Sep 2009 21:35 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by JayDee"
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Except my MacBook (late 2008 "Santa Rosa") feels faster than my work laptop, a Dell Lat D830, purchased in the same timeframe. The Dell has better graphics hardware (NVidia based) and more memory (2GB as opposed to 1GB om my MacBook - must get round to upgrading that.. lol)

i guess the bigger idea here is that apple is charging alot for a little, which is acceptable in business. In my shop we build Athlon II 2.9s with 2 gigs of ram, dvd burner and 250 sata hd. we charge xxx something for them, and they work great! dell on the other hand has the same system at a xxx something price point. why do we charge as much as we do?

support: you know how many times people will call you because AOL stopped working?

warranty: not everything goes as planned.

cost: we pay a price for theses parts, and we refuse to just break even after selling it, our techs are not in india where the pennies on the dollar mark up is more successful.

Dell may have the upper hand when buying units of 1000's plus, but our local customers have LOCAL support and LOCAL depot repair.

How this relates to the above coment by JayDee

I think if i were apple id be happy. its a successful business plan, and it works for them. Charging the same as dell for similar hard ware is only going to:

Make apple's dev costs skyrocket to insure hardware releases and refreshes because of new hardware kexts drivers, and of course buying new gear and marketing the shit every month. it would also end up being a support disaster: as new hardware is released, different service releases of leopard would have to be pressed every time a new IDE / SATA controller entered the ecosystem.

Why can dell do this?

Dell has the support of manufacturers behind them, while they use Windows (much as it sucks) they virtually pay nothing in development costs for drivers and OS releases, they just get the tax from uncle bill ever so often.

Support? yeah good luck, dell has always been a pain in the ass. With apple its not bad. and they will warranty apple care nicely. its worth it.

I guess the real question is, is what apple selling really worth what we pay for it?

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