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Microsoft According to a leak from a BestBuy employee, Microsoft is initiating a sort of "Anti-Linux Training" course for the employees, and those who take part in the said training are rewarded with a copy of Windows 7 for only ten dollars. The leaked screenshots of the campaign show Microsoft's comparison of its own system with an obscure "Linux" and how Windows is better in every way including security, "free downloads", and software and hardware compatibility.
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Ah, the moral dilemma
by coreyography on Wed 9th Sep 2009 03:46 UTC
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Let's say you are the rare Best Buy employee who actually has used both Windows and Linux, understands the strengths and weaknesses of each, and where each is the right tool for the job. Do you a) tell Microsoft you and your principles can't be bought for (Win7 ridiculous MSRP) - $10? Or b) take the training class and your $10 Win7 -- the article didn't say you actually had to _sell_ Win7 over Linux, right?

(Um, is that Win7 the Home Crippled version, or Ultimate? ;)

My apologies to any competent Best Buy employees out there. Most of the ones I have met are teenagers or college kids, there for the job, without much passion for, and consequently knowledge of, the technology they peddle.

It looks like Win7 is pretty good (SMB sploits notwithstanding). But it's overpriced. I won't buy it unless I find it for <= $100 US for at least the Professional version. It's just not worth more than that over XP.

My other observation is that if I pulled something like this with a customer, or let a supplier influence me like this where I work, I'd be summarily fired for code-of-conduct violations. I think if Red Hat or Canonical filed suit, they'd have a case.

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