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Microsoft According to a leak from a BestBuy employee, Microsoft is initiating a sort of "Anti-Linux Training" course for the employees, and those who take part in the said training are rewarded with a copy of Windows 7 for only ten dollars. The leaked screenshots of the campaign show Microsoft's comparison of its own system with an obscure "Linux" and how Windows is better in every way including security, "free downloads", and software and hardware compatibility.
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by Ultimatebadass on Wed 9th Sep 2009 08:26 UTC in reply to "Education"
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One of the most annoying things about Windows is how invasive it's updating process is when it comes to timely startups and shutdowns. Linux is light years ahead of it in this respect.

Exactly how invasive? You just set it to "Check for updates but let me choose when to download & install" and you can update whenever you have time to do so. How is that different from updates that occur every so often on linux distros with a similar auto-update tools?

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