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Privacy, Security, Encryption PandaLabs has issued a ranking of the most insidious malware threats that have surfaced in the past 20 years. Threats have been selected for the notoriety they achieved through widespread epidemic and the damage caused. Some of the "stars" from the list include Melissa from 1999, ILoveYou from 2000 and Nimda from 2001.
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RE: Cascade
by Soulbender on Thu 10th Sep 2009 09:53 UTC in reply to "Cascade"
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Yep, you're right.
Some other glaring things.
Jerusalem was not created in 1988, it was detected in 1987 so obviously it was created before it was detected. It didn't activate until 1988 though.


when it would activate displaying just a series of bars on the monitor.

Uh, that's one of the most dangerous threats in the last 20 years? Seriously? I guess it's because it was created in Spain and Panda is a spanish company.
Where's Morris Worm? SCA? ByteBandit? Stoned? Christmastree exec? Code Red? Form? etc etc.

Doesn't give you much faith in PandaLabs as an AV and security outfit, does it?

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