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Linux Open source 3D graphics drivers for ATI R600 garphics cards has been submitted to the kernel-next tree for possible inclusion in the Linux kernel 2.6.32. "David Airlie has pushed a horde of new code into his drm-next Git tree, which is what will get pulled into the Linux 2.6.32 kernel once the merge window is open. Most prominently, this new DRM code brings support for kernel mode-setting with R600 class hardware as well as 3D support."
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RE[3]: Things are Still a Mess
by WereCatf on Thu 10th Sep 2009 10:08 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Things are Still a Mess"
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Excluding the open source argument; I wouldn't use Nvidia simply their products are poor quality and have been so for many years. The only people who don't seem to care about stability and quality are ricers and gamers who seem to change their hardware configurations more times than they change their undies.

I have it exactly the opposite; I've never had anything except trouble with ATi cards and I've found nVidia cards to not only perform very well but also be stable as a rock as well.

As for driver side.. well, nVidia drivers may be binary but they've ALWAYS worked like a dream for me and support all the functionality of the card in question, even old cards are still supported. But my old ATi cards..well, the last ATi driver that works for them doesn't work with Compiz, it's unstable as heck and is somehow oddly slow. The open-source one works otherwise okayish except I still can't make TV-out work and the open-source one doesn't support pixel shaders. The lack of support for pixel shaders totally blows.

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