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Linux Open source 3D graphics drivers for ATI R600 garphics cards has been submitted to the kernel-next tree for possible inclusion in the Linux kernel 2.6.32. "David Airlie has pushed a horde of new code into his drm-next Git tree, which is what will get pulled into the Linux 2.6.32 kernel once the merge window is open. Most prominently, this new DRM code brings support for kernel mode-setting with R600 class hardware as well as 3D support."
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I installed Mandriva and it said "oh, an Nvidia.. shall I install the proprietary drivers?" and graphics wasn't a concern again.

I installed Debian and grabbed the Nvidia drivers from there site. The downloaded binary looked at the system said "cool, shall I download and install the correct drivers?" and graphics wasn't a concern.

I added the Debian non-free repository and grabbed the repository provided nvidia binary with the same result; 3d GPU happy out of the box.

My old ATI was never that smooth even under windows. Install the drivers and get mostly stable performance. Upgrading your drivers? Go through a long song and dance of uninstalling and reinstalling. Under Mandriva, the last time I saw tv-in supported was with a first generation Radeon AIW board and I had two after that with partial 3D out support at best.

I may have got lucky if the Nvidia hardware is hit or miss but the driver support has been a dream. Three different sources for install managed painlessly.. I'll take it.

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