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Google Probably the most often requested feature for Google's Chrome web browser was an extensions framework so that users can expand the functionality of Chrome in the same way people currently do for Firefox. Chrome has had an extensions framework for a while now, but it was turned off by default. They've now turned it on by default on the dev channel.
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RE: AdBlock
by VistaUser on Thu 10th Sep 2009 22:16 UTC in reply to "AdBlock"
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I refuse to install adblock - the whole concept seems unethical to me. If I am enjoying the content of a site, the site owners have every right to try to make some money off me*.

If the ads get annoying, I will simply stop visiting.

Saying that, sites that use popups and popunders should be punished somehow.

*As long as they do not go beyond acceptable limits such as popups, popunders, resizing windows etc.

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