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Linux Open source 3D graphics drivers for ATI R600 garphics cards has been submitted to the kernel-next tree for possible inclusion in the Linux kernel 2.6.32. "David Airlie has pushed a horde of new code into his drm-next Git tree, which is what will get pulled into the Linux 2.6.32 kernel once the merge window is open. Most prominently, this new DRM code brings support for kernel mode-setting with R600 class hardware as well as 3D support."
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Until then, at least you have a choice of graphics card with Mac or Windows - under Linux, NVidia is the only currently usable option if you want reasonable 3D performance.

I've got an Asus Z96J with an ATI x1800M card in it. I get pretty good performance both out of Compiz and out of Dawn of War: SoulStorm running under WINE, using the fglrx driver. I won't say there are no problems, but it certainly provides "reasonable performance" under Linux.
I was using an x2400 at work, too, for that matter, and it was working just fine, until an RHEL4 kernel update went badly sideways. The card got replaced with an nVidia card; my (not exotic!) GL code no longer renders properly.

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