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Google Probably the most often requested feature for Google's Chrome web browser was an extensions framework so that users can expand the functionality of Chrome in the same way people currently do for Firefox. Chrome has had an extensions framework for a while now, but it was turned off by default. They've now turned it on by default on the dev channel.
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by TheGreatSudoku on Fri 11th Sep 2009 11:38 UTC
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Free (as in speech).

Content providers are free to CHOOSE to put ads on their sites.

Network admins/end users are free to CHOOSE how to allocate incoming bandwith in terms of what content they consider relevant and what content they consider junk.

Are ACLs on routers "unethical"?

IMHO the web is so much more cleaner and efficient with ads blocked. I find web ads themselves to be unethical ;)

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