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FreeBSD "Though the open source FreeBSD operating system has changed in many aspects over the last 16 years of its life, one item that has remained relatively static is its underlying network routing architecture. No more: It's getting an overhaul with the upcoming FreeBSD 8.0 release. FreeBSD 8.0, due out next month, will include a new routing architecture that takes advantage of parallel processing capabilities. According to its developers, the update will provide FreeBSD 8.0 with a faster more advanced routing architecture than the legacy architecture."
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RE[3]: haiku?
by ameasures on Fri 11th Sep 2009 12:16 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: haiku?"
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"FreeBSD 7.0 is very limited in what it supports.

I think the word "very" is misplaced.

Agreed absolutely.

There is a discernable difference of philosophy. The notion that the documentation is an important part of software is a part of BSD culture. In my experience of Linux some allegedly supported devices are nigh on impossible to get working.

I like and use both - don't get me wrong! BSDs seem to have a much clearer cutoff for hardware support that wastes little of my time.

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