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Linux Open source 3D graphics drivers for ATI R600 garphics cards has been submitted to the kernel-next tree for possible inclusion in the Linux kernel 2.6.32. "David Airlie has pushed a horde of new code into his drm-next Git tree, which is what will get pulled into the Linux 2.6.32 kernel once the merge window is open. Most prominently, this new DRM code brings support for kernel mode-setting with R600 class hardware as well as 3D support."
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RE[7]: Things are Still a Mess
by blacklistme on Sat 12th Sep 2009 15:17 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Things are Still a Mess"
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Sorry, but I'm using Linux for a _long_ time (about 15 years now) now and the most safe option for me was ATI and not NVIDIA. I'm in fear for the phone every 6 months when people start to upgrade there Ubuntu-installation and the binary drivers fails _AGAIN_.

Some people got smart and started to ask for a new machine, because the last one was failing. They found out that is now safe for them to follow the regulair updates and upgrades. And you can have a faster videocard, but when it fails it isn't that fast anymore. Also for everyday usage you don't need it, it doesn't make your browser or spreadsheet any nicer.

This is also where the whole picture comes into view. Both AMD and Intel are gearing up to deliver a complete "inexpensive" and "efficient" platform and they need every customer they can get onboard. The best way to get normal people onboard is to get there geek friends onboard.

The current mATX/mITX-boards are good examples of this. Looking at the next Atom-platform or the upcoming Fusion platform you can see which direction everythings goes. Keep also an eye on how many Atom-boards are now shipped without any fans. This was different a year ago when fans where needed and software was not tuned for the new platform.

And I said it more then a year ago on this site as well. More and more people don't care about 5 fps extra as long as their computer just works. And the next 5 to 10 years computers are here to mature and nothing else. Microsoft already found that out with XP that does basicly what people want and Linux has catched up over the years.

So mark my words. The moment that companies start to sell an inexpensive MacMini look-a-like with Ubuntu preinstalled it doesn't matter which videocard is in it. Internet and computers are becoming slowly something like electricity, water, gas. It will always be there and that makes it the businesscase. You sell complete units in high volume.

This is also why companies are screening there code and specs to check for any legal issues. The last big dump of open checked code was OpenSolaris as it's much easier and cheaper to maintain. In one year time they got ceritified support for over 2500 (!!!) laptops with only a handfull of developers. Companies like Intel and AMD can see a businesscase in this as they sell the chips and can now reduce cost on driver development and support.

So if you want to continue buying hardware with only binary drivers, then it is your choice. I stick to my policy that I have for a long time now. I prefer to exchange my money/goods with suppliers that respects my freedom. And what I have seen for people around me is that it takes between 12 to 18 months before they curse vendors for not respecting their freedom.

Just my 2c and ready for the next 15 years of freedom.

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