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Multimedia, AV While we at OSNews often talk about desktops, laptops, and netbooks, there is another "form factor" which is making inroads into various households: the home theatre PC, or HTPC. There are a lot of software packages out there that will aid in turning a computer into an HTPC, and since I've been testing three of them extensively over the past months, I figured we'd talk about what you use.
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RE[6]: MythTV - thankyou
by NicePics13 on Sun 13th Sep 2009 11:46 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: MythTV - thankyou"
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DVD content use, though legally licensed, requires DRM addon codecs where the FOSS developed solutions are not legal. The risk is that the platform will be left behind as more DRM becomes included and expecting average consumers to understand let alone denounce such restrictions has not helped so far.

In the EU libdvdcss is not illegal for DVD playback on non-Windows/Mac platforms. I reckon it's the same deal with blu-ray though for now you have to rip/dump the bloody thing to watch it.

A limitation imposed by developers can be addressed by other developers but a limitation imposed by a hardware vendor becomes a real problem.

That's why we have illegal hardware hacks. Like the HDCP strippers you get from China.

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