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BeOS & Derivatives After eight years of hard work, the day has finally arrived. Today, September 14, the Haiku project has released its very first alpha release. With the goal of recreating one of the most beloved operating systems in history, the BeOS, they took on no small task, but it seems as if everything is finally starting to come together. Let's talk about the history of the BeOS, where Haiku comes from, and what the Alpha is like.
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RE: So far so good
by Luposian on Tue 15th Sep 2009 09:31 UTC in reply to "So far so good"
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Tested it on a real hardware (AMD AthlonXP 2000). Everything works out-of-the box modulo DHCP. Of course, this is obviously alpha stuff. For instance there is awfully lot of jitter in sound playback! Open a Tracker window, scroll a bit and the media player skips samples like mad.. but hey, other than that - excellent work guys!

What motherboard are you using? I had a Via 266 chipset board that made me think Haiku wasn't that well programmed. I then, recently got an Asus A7N8X-X board that I replaced 4 caps on, and it (nForce 2 chipset) improved performance so much, Haiku runs significantly faster/better than before. All it took was a better/more supported chipset change!

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