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BeOS & Derivatives After eight years of hard work, the day has finally arrived. Today, September 14, the Haiku project has released its very first alpha release. With the goal of recreating one of the most beloved operating systems in history, the BeOS, they took on no small task, but it seems as if everything is finally starting to come together. Let's talk about the history of the BeOS, where Haiku comes from, and what the Alpha is like.
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Comment by Actinium
by Actinium on Tue 15th Sep 2009 12:50 UTC
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This article brings back so much memories..

I used to have a pentium 3 800Mhz back in 2001 to play around with. I tried so much operating system on it that nothing thrills me anymore. Its always KDE or Gnome anyway..

then i downloaded this BeOS cd image and installed it..
The first impression was WTF!! did i just got a new computer? Everything was so fast, smooth and snappy, and i was playing the tea pot program on it.. I just couldnt believe my eyes..

I sticked with BeOS for 1 whole month until i need the computer to go back to windows for some assignments.. The news BeOS died greatly sadden me but the performance of it left a deep impression on me till today..

BeOS just didnt get the fair chance to compete with the big guys.. SAD SAD SAD...

I believe if Apple had use BeOS as the base of OSx, the OSx today will certainly be very much better than the leopard we have today..

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