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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Apart from Linux and the various BSD operating systems, there's another open source UNIX-like operating system (actually, it's a certified UNIX): OpenSolaris. There are a few key differences between Linux and OpenSolaris, and TuxRadar lists some of them so that Linux users can dive right into Solaris.
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Robert Escue
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Considering that I have had two comments modded down to -1 for nothing more than pointing out how thin skinned members of the Linux community here are, I have an idea that might limit the "mod the %^(*&% down" thing.

Before you can mod a post down, you have to submit a 1,000 word essay as to why the post should be modded down. This, of course is subject to the approval of the OSNews staff. And once the approval is granted (based on how fast the staff can read all those essays), the post is modded down.

With the lack of meta-moderation here, I am sure a number of users would like some degree of sanity checking of the use of the moderation system, particularly in the fashion it is being used with this article.

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