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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Apart from Linux and the various BSD operating systems, there's another open source UNIX-like operating system (actually, it's a certified UNIX): OpenSolaris. There are a few key differences between Linux and OpenSolaris, and TuxRadar lists some of them so that Linux users can dive right into Solaris.
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Robert Escue
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A few years ago I used to meta-moderate for Slashdot. While I had a bullet-proof Slashdot karma, I could never use it because I was always meta-moderating (no good deed goes unpunished). I mentioned it to Cmdr Taco more than once and he laughed it off, until I logged out for the last time.

From what I saw at that time if you got modded as a troll, you pretty much deserved it. The majority of the posts I looked over were modded well. In the six or seven months I meta-moderated I only changed one post.

This place is still like the Wild Wild West!

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