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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Yesterday we ran an editorial about Microsoft's failing policies in the mobile space, and today, we have an assorted collection of stories that only strengthen this perception. The upcoming Marketplace for Windows Mobile has a number of rigorous restrictions, the Zune lives in a bubble of its own, and free applications for the Zune come with full-screen video advertisements. There are also a few things Microsoft seems to be doing right, however. Instant update: Another Windows-based mobile phone platform. I actually want that one, though.
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That XPPhone --- !
by Pelly on Thu 17th Sep 2009 23:21 UTC
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This item looks very sweet.

Okay, the pre-production sample in the video is about the size of a decent lunch, but that's why they call it a pre-production unit.

When they get the miniaturization going, there's no telling what the final release will look like.

However, my guess is that t'll be a tad bigger and maybe a tiny bit thicker than an AT&T Tilt (HTC TyTnII/Kaiser).

The point that it runs WinXP will be a huge selling point. If MS lets them license it and complete against WinMo 6.0, 6.1, 6.5 and soon 7.0.

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