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IBM "Quoting an inside source, the German economic newspaper, 'Handelsblatt' reports that staff at IBM have been given ten days to change to Symphony, IBM's in-house Lotus software. The use of Microsoft Office will in future require managerial approval. With immediate affect, the Open Document Format (ODF) will rule at IBM with the file ending .doc soon belonging to the past... IBM's management have obviously decided to practice what they preach. 330,000 IBM workers already use Symphony, reports the newspaper. The motive for the migration appears not to be the saving of license fees, and according to an IBM press officer, the move is a clear statement in appreciation of open source standards."
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by chemical_scum on Fri 18th Sep 2009 02:31 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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Symphony is a great piece of software - its amazing to see how there are pie in the sky ideas being put about by Sun programmers regarding an Office 2007 GUI clone when the GUI with Symphony addresses the short comings of the existing design whilst ensuring they don't isolate large numbers of users.

I hope that IBM makes all these changes available to - as far as I remember they aren't required to do so but it would provide a great lift to on the average user desktop especially Linux on the desktop and netbook.

I agree with you that the the Symphony interface is the way OOo should go rather than some attempt to copy the repulsive productivity killing counter intuitive Office 2007 Ribbon. I like the tabbed interface and find it helpful in keeping track of all the documents, spreadsheets and presentations you have open while working on a project.

However the Symphony UI is built on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform which is why Symphony is so bloated. I would not want the OOo developers to add this additional this extra bloat to OOo. The current Symphony is built on the OOo 2 tree. IBM is working on updating it. Therefore as a working office suite OOo 3.1 is far superior but the Symphony interface is nice even if it insists on using Windows like widgets on Linux.

So I use OOo 3.1.1 in preference.

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