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Mac OS X There are several things which take quite some getting used to when switching from any platform to the Mac. There are things like the universal menubar, the dock, Expose, and many more. One of the things that often leads to confusion for new users is the installation process for applications. Mozilla developer Alexander Limi talks about the problems Mozilla runs into when it comes to Firefox' installation process on the Mac, and a possible solution. Update: A possible solution?
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Vacuous drivel
by Tony Swash on Fri 18th Sep 2009 22:59 UTC
Tony Swash
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I have rarely read such vacuous drivel.

This whole story can be summarised as this:

a) We didn't write a propers installer for Firefox using the standard installer package available for Mac developers (and used by thousands of other developers for their apps).

b) As a result some of our users got a bit confused and didn't do things properly.

c) We may have use a proper Mac installer in future.

d) Lets whine for bit about how this is somehow Apple's fault.

Come on guys - start writing some real news about operating systems with some - whats the right word? - content!

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