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Opera Software You all know that I don't particularly like Opera. I find the product to be lacking polish, over-complicated and without the marketing pizazz that has made Firefox a household name. That's just my personal opinion, and that opinion has garnered many complaints of unjustness. To that end, to present a fairer discussion I would like to put a simple question to the community: "What should Opera do?".
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by clintg on Sat 19th Sep 2009 03:45 UTC
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I guess the biggest question for Opera to answer for me and tens of millions of others is, "Why should I use Opera?"

Firefox is working great for me. For people that use the web regularly, it is well-known, whether they use it or not. It works on 99.99% of all sites I go to and is infinitely expandable with extensions. I started using it because they told me that Microsoft won the earlier browser war and then stopped innovating, and I didn't appreciate that. I started using Firefox pre-1.0 to see what new things I could do with my browser. The only other option I knew about was a browser called "Opera" and it cost money, so I never tried it.

Chrome is good and I have installed it. The way Google has answered the "Why?" question is something like: "it is optimized to handle the Google brand of products." Plus it has a few speed optimizations (but I haven't really noticed it working any better than Firefox for me). In the end, the only reason I have downloaded it and used it is because Google gave me a reason to (my office uses Google Apps and I use Gmail).

Safari on Windows, never used it because I haven't heard of a reason I should use it. The ONLY reason to consider it at all is because Apple bugs me to death with it every time there is an ITunes update. When my Mac-using friends use Firefox instead of Safari, that indicates that it probably is not worth even trying.

IE? I use it on the .01% of the sites that don't work with Firefox because the website developer lives in cave that was closed from the outside world in 2002 and doesn't know what Firefox (or any other non-MS browser is).

I do have Opera on my Nokia phone, I have installed it a time or two in Linux and Windows, but I have never found any reason to use it beyond my phone (which I generally only use when the Nokia native browser doesn't render a site properly). I also generally prefer mainstream products instead of niche or products with a smaller market share, since websites, vendors, and various others will eventually officially support my choice -- like they did with Firefox. (Open source is different, for the "free" as in "freedom" reason, I will be willing to sacrifice market share and support -- one reason I would consider an open source Opera).

So Opera, you need to give me a GOOD reason to leave the support and quality of Firefox. You have to sell me on your product!!

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