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Mac OS X There are several things which take quite some getting used to when switching from any platform to the Mac. There are things like the universal menubar, the dock, Expose, and many more. One of the things that often leads to confusion for new users is the installation process for applications. Mozilla developer Alexander Limi talks about the problems Mozilla runs into when it comes to Firefox' installation process on the Mac, and a possible solution. Update: A possible solution?
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IMHO almost all platforms could do with their application installation processes being improved; especially Linux.

The best system that I have seen is that used by PC-BSD - the PBI (Pc-Bsd Installer or Push-Button Installer) process -- see for details.

PBI is both a file format and an installation process (like *.deb in Debian based distributions). What I particularly like about it is that each application is stored (completely) in its own directory. Applications don't (seem) to rely on shared libraries (as with Linux) or "System" directory files (as with Windows).

PBI strikes me as a very simple but effective application installation (and un-installation) process.


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