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Opera Software You all know that I don't particularly like Opera. I find the product to be lacking polish, over-complicated and without the marketing pizazz that has made Firefox a household name. That's just my personal opinion, and that opinion has garnered many complaints of unjustness. To that end, to present a fairer discussion I would like to put a simple question to the community: "What should Opera do?".
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RE: What's so good about Opera?
by j-kidd on Sat 19th Sep 2009 08:47 UTC in reply to "What's so good about Opera?"
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1. A tab model that works, e.g. new tab opens next to the active one, focus switches to the last active tab after closing the current one, unlike Firefox's Keep It Simply Stupid model that more or less forces me to use Tab Mix Plus, which itself is a real pain to keep up-to-date with all the Firefox Alpha/Beta/RC, especially if you use multiple computers.

2. Tab bar on the sides, which is not supported by Tab Mix Plus, and thus not supported by Firefox because the extensions that allow you to do so doesn't work with TabMix Plus, and any self-respected user can't use Firefox without Tab Mix Plus.

If Chrome developers were any smart, they would have copied this instead of/on top of the tab bar on top thingie. Netbooks, their targeted market, got wide screens. Use it.

3. Per-tab search box, unlike Firefox/Arora where the location bar is per-tab while the search box is global, which is just stupid.

4. A location bar such that if you type in a URL or select an item from the dropdown, it will go to the top of the list. Awesome Bar only does so for selection, so it is not so awesome for me. Chrome OmniBox doesn't even have the dropdown, same for Arora.

5. Once you close all the tabs, you can have a browser window without any opened tab (note: this is configurable). Firefox, with its infinite extensibility, cannot do this. Arora can't. Chrome can't.

Btw, this is related to #1, i.e. someone has actually put in some thought when designing the tab model.

6. A fully customizable UI, so that you don't have to install a "Show Go Button" extension in order to show the Go button.

7. A fully custmizable shortcut system, so that you don't have to install a "Disable Backspace Navigation" extension in order to disable the backspace navigation.

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