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Opera Software You all know that I don't particularly like Opera. I find the product to be lacking polish, over-complicated and without the marketing pizazz that has made Firefox a household name. That's just my personal opinion, and that opinion has garnered many complaints of unjustness. To that end, to present a fairer discussion I would like to put a simple question to the community: "What should Opera do?".
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Mobile Market
by milatchi on Sat 19th Sep 2009 18:07 UTC
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Opera has lost the Desktop Market. There are already 3 major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari) and Chrome has jumped in too.
If I were Opera I would focus on trying to dominate the Mobile and Video Game console Web Browser markets. So far Safari on the iPhone is the only really decent browser from an ease-of-use perspective on the Mobile platform. Truthfully, IE Mobile is shit to use, RIM's browser is half-assed, and everyone's else's are just plain bad.
If I were Opera that's where I'd try to establish my stronghold before someone else does.

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